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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

22-Sep-06: Booker T with a British Accent??

Come on now. Tonight I turned on Friday Night Smackdown and "King" Booker T was speaking with a British accent, like he was in the movie Robin Hood or something. Give me a break.

Chavo Guerrero turned on Rey Misterio recently. This angle sucks. Chavo is a terrible wrestler and is boring. While I am not a fan of luchador wrestlers, I do think Rey Misterio and even Eddie when he was still alive were entertaining. Chavo Guerrero is terrible. The guy can't hook you when he's got a mic and he can't act. Even when Eddie died, I thought his tears were fake. I wish they would get rid of the guy.

I was very happy to see the WWE change networks for their Friday show. Tonight was the first time I've seen the Undertaker do a show besides a pay-per-view in about 3 years.

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