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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

27-Sep-06: New Jersey E-Z Pass

This past August, I took a trip to some part of New jersey (not sure which - they all look the same to me) and happened to get on the Garden State Parkway. The toll area came up with no warning and I ended up in an E-Z Pass lane - I am not an E-Z Pass subscriber!! I got to the window and there was no attendant, so i sped away on my trip.

Yesterday, I get a notice in the mail that I skipped on a 70-cent toll and that I owed the state of New Jersey not only the 70 cents but also $25 in handling fees.

I don't think so.

Of coursed I was pissed, so I look for the customer service number and was surprised to see that the offices were actually open until 7 PM. Now, that is unheard of. Normally places like this that you need to call would close at like 4 PM or something, so seeing this calmed me down.

I was even more relieved that once the operator found out that it was an accident that I got in to that lane in the first place, and that this was my first ever violation, she waived the $25 handling charge. Glad I didn't go redneck on her and give her a rash of shit.

Train your Grip.

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