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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

17-Oct-06: Hulk Hogan - Ultimate Anthology

Got my copy of Hulk Hogan's Ultimate Anthology yesterday and it is in right now. This thing is great so far. It is mainly matches. I was hoping it would be more documentary, but at least the matches are in their entireity.

One huge surprise: I always thought the first time Hogan slammed Andre was at Wrestlemania 3, but in the first match on this disk, Hogan faces Andre back when Hogan was a heel in his first run in the WWWF. In that match he bodyslams Andre, but it's no ordinary bodyslam. Hogan picks Andre from the mat from a standing position!! No momentum!! Remarkable.

The most surprising thing about this disk so far is that they have changed the titles on the film so that instead WWF, it says WWE, and they even dubbed in WWE when Hogan said WWF. Never thought I'd see them go that far.

Gotta watch the rest of this...

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