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Sunday, January 28, 2007

28-Jan-07: New FBBC Bending Rules

This just in at the Gripboard. Some new rule adjustments from John Beatty for the Fat Bastard Barbell Company bending certifications.

    <...[For] a high level bend to be [certified] (Grand Bastard or higher per executive decision), order some stock, open the package on [video], measure the stock on [video], wrap on [video], bend on [video], measure finished bend on [video]. Or do it at a contest. I will also accept as a witness without [video] anyone [certified] currently at an equal level or higher to the bend you plan to do. Sorry, but this is how it has to be.
    All the actual bending rules remain the same. I will not change them.
    The lower level bends I will accept lesser quality [videos], witnesses of any level, etc as before."

This comes straight from the man himself. To read more, check out Fat Bastard Barbell Company or Gripboard.

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