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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bending Wraps from FBBC

John Beatty, at Fat Bastard Barbell Co., has announced on the Gripboard:

    I now have an excellent supplier for leather wraps, I have heavy Gamidon-type suede for $5 per pair, and heavy soft leather like I had at the BBB last year for $7 per pair. The suede may vary in color, but the thickness is very much the same from batch to batch. The suede will be a constant fixture, the heavy leather may vary in availability, but I'll try to have it in stock all the time. Will also always have the crush pads at $3 per pair. I'll have a page up on the FBBC site soon, too.
In addition, there is already some very good feedback for these wraps on the Board:
    "If these are the same wraps I received in the recent order, they are excellent. I would recommend them to anyone." - Aaron Corcorran

    "I agree with that. Those wraps are awesome." - Derek Graybill

Once the link is up, I will have it here for all of you!

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