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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Product at FBBC!

This is the latest update from John at Fat Bastard Barbell Co.:

    Got an email from RB & the grippers start production today. They'll be done Sept 8. He's shipping a box via air as soon as they're done & the rest will come via slow boat 3-5 weeks (took 3-4 weeks for the last shipment). So as of today (since we'll have the first ones in about 2 1/2 weeks, I'll start taking pre orders. There are only 100 of each in the first set, if we go through these really fast & more are needed, I might do a second run, but am planning on doing 2 different strengths (that RB doesn't make). The handles of the 280 have FBBC on one handle and "HARD" on the other. The 400 has FBBC & "SUPER" on the other. I left off "BASTARD" to not block some folks from buying.

    The current ones are FBBC/RB 280 (HARD), FBBC/RB 400(SUPER)

    Pricing - $39 each, or both for $75
    USA - $6 for one or both
    Canada - $9 for one or both
    the rest of Earth - $11 for one or both

    I'll have the rest of the info & pics of the handles up in the next few days.
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