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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Diesel Crew Classic Video


This is the video that showed that we are willing to do any exercise we want to in a commercial gym - The Plow Lift.

This lift is easy to put together - just throw a plate on one sleeve of a bar and tighten it with a collar. Grab the other sleeve and lever the weighted end up in the air.

This is one of our old Diesel Crew videos, and the quality is not quite as good as what we are putting out now, but you've got to remember that we started putting out videos back in 2003. Most people didn't even have capture cards in their computers then.

This is our first time ever doing this lift. I found out about it in an issue of MILO. We used a normal powerlifting bar with center knurling and the two reference point rings that are about half way between the smooth part and the sleeves. You'll see we put a piece of white athletic tape on the ring for reference. We started out putting our hands behind the tape, but when we couldn't lift it that way anymore, we started putting our hand in front.

Here it is. Please right click and "Save Target as..."

Diesel Crew Plow Lifting


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