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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Post-GGC 2007 Video

Following this year's Global Grip Challenge, the whole group came back to my house and did feats of strength. Is is by no means all of what took place, this is just what we got on film.

I dropped my camera, and it is really giving me troubles with the dark lighting, so you must bare with me on the video quality. But I am sure no one will be unhappy with the quality of the feats.

You will see some Inch Replica Lifting, half 115 hex block weight lifting, Scott George's 54-lb Blob (Original York Blob that tips the scale at 54 lbs). You'll also see Brendan Dwyer kill a 7-inch by 3/8ths round piece of brass with really thin padding, no problem!

It was a great time. Next time, everybody has to stay longer.

Incidentally one of the things that did not get on tape was Big Chad Woodall jumping up and grabbing the rim of my basketball hoop with two hands, not knowing that the base was not filled with anything to keep it upright. His 275-lb frame brought that thing down in a hurry and his body crashed down onto my concrete pad. He nearly broke his hip, and I was sure he broke his elbow, but he just smiled at the pain and iced it. What a tough son of a gun.


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