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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A note from Steve Slater - Slater Stone molds

I just got a note from Steve Slater about an exciting show that will soon be on tv:

    Hello everyone, our world record stones may be on this show. Either way it should be interesting.

    Thanks, Steve

    Monday Oct 22nd

    BASE Productions and National Geographic Channel are proud to announce the
    upcoming air date of its newest program, "Super Strength".

    National Geographic Presents: Super Strength
    Monday, October 22, 2007. 10:00 PM

    We call them Super Human. And they can do the impossible:

    Shatter stacks of concrete with the skull, fists, and forearms.
    Bend solid steel wrenches by hand.
    Roll a kitchen skillet up like a newspaper.
    Tear a 2000-page phonebooks in half.
    Hammer a nail by hand.
    Lift huge stone balls and pull massive trucks.
    Thrust a quarter-ton barbell into the air.
    And even hold screaming motorcycles in place with upper body strength alone.

    SUPER STRENGTH takes seemingly impossible feats of human strength and breaks
    them down into their vital components; revealing the extraordinary ability
    of some of the strongest men on the planet.

    Leading physiologists, bio-mechanists, and engineers join SUPER STRENGTH to
    determine the secrets of their ability and answer the most basic question
    about super strength:**How is it possible for a man to do this, and what
    does this mean for the rest of us?

    BASE Productions, and National Geographic Channel invite you on an action
    packed, adrenaline filled hour, into the secrets of SUPER STRENGTH.


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