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Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Article by Adam Glass

Adam T Glass has put together a nice article on two seemingly separate types of training protocols - Kettlebells and Nail Bending. True, at first they do seem like two totally unrelated methodologies, but after reading, you will understand how much they compliment one another in power production, mental preparedness and of course, forearm strength.

Check out the article here.



Adam said...

Thanks a ton for your support Big Brother, I never would have started bending with out YOUR Ebook!

Jedd Johnson, CSCS said...

Keep up the good work buddy! Any plans for certification on the Red? Have you checked out Fat Bastard stock?

Adam said...


Yes sir, i plan on certifing with both the IM red and Bastard this coming Jan. I have to find a gym in the area which i can use for the process. i am ordering a bag from Big John at FBBC next month to try out the stocks he sells. Every one told if you can bend a red you can do a bastard, its just a lot hard LOL.