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Monday, January 28, 2008

Huge Grip Feat

After the Powerfest Strongman Competition, the first place finisher, Andrew Durniat stepped up and completed three highly coveted grip strength feats, with one lift!

By lifting both the Inch Dumbbell and the Blob at the same time, Andrew joins an exclusive group of only three other individuals - Wade Gillingham, Jedd Johnson and Chad Woodall*.

I can't wait to see what else Durniat can do. I think we can all agree that right now Andrew probably has the grip strength to finish VERY WELL at the Global Grip Challenge, if he chooses and is able to qualify.

Time will tell.


* - These are currently the only Gripboard members who have provided video proof of the simultaneous Inch DB / Blob Deadlift.


Danny said...

Great post Jedd. How about an interview with Andrew? It would be interesting to know a little about his training history and future athletic goals.

Adam said...

Not just "there it is" but THERE IT IS! And the man looks so relaxed, he may just as well be sitting on the beach. Awesome power!