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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Looking to Buy an Inch Trainer?

If you are looking to make a purchase on an implement that will help you effectively train to lift the Inch Replica dumbbell, I know where you can get some real good replicas of the replica.

Zach Coulter makes a killer Inch trainer from lead and steel. I will get more Info for everyone, and some pics, but for right now he is selling them each for $280.

I have personally seen several of his Inch Trainers and they are great for getting ready to duel with the Inch.

Here's some info on these Inch trainers straight from Zach:

    179lbs compared to the Inch's 172lbs
    2.535" handle, 1/16" bigger than the average cast Inch replica which has the 2.47" handle
    5.5" long handle compared to the Inch's 4", so those guys with big hands can get comfortable
    Handles were press fit into DB ends and welded, heaven and hell couldn't tear these apart(sturdy)
    Will be painting them all black like I did Josh's, including the handle.
    Lifting one of these will guarantee dominance over any cast Inch Replica

Let me know if you are interested in getting one from Zach.


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