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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Phenomenal Grip Feat - Laine Snook

This is Laine Snook cleaning the Inch DB to his shoulder.

The dumbbell may have grazed Laine's hip, so it is not a true "clean" by definition, but I do not think he got any assistance from this contact. This is an excellent display of grip strength - I wish he would have tried to push press that thing!

This feat is even more prestigious. An Inch Dumbbell deadlift and a Millenium Dumbbell deadlift at the same time. Laine has put himself in an exclusive group here.

Great job Laine!



Adam said...


how many men have ever cleaned the inch? Has to be only a handful i would imagine.

Jedd Johnson, CSCS said...

The people I know of that have done a true clean, without help from the hip? Mark Henery, Ryan Green, and Laine. I am sure Tex Henderson could also do it. Bill Kazmier and myself have continentaled the Inch.

Adam said...

I would like to see this event added to WSM, i would like to see the strongest men int he world try it, because i still think that list would stay under 10 people.

I made a inch trainer, and i can imagine right now anyone doing that- a contintal with it is huge, speaking of that- We need to bring it back, because it is a great alternative to those us who are not properly trained to clean, and it takes a lot of power to get a bar in to position...

Adam said...

****Should have said CAN NOT Imagine******