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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Real Man Muscle Building

A few days ago, I posted about my new training approach: primary emphasis on grip strength in preparation for GGC, while maintaining my full body conditioning as well. I am continuing this approach and am loving it. Just this past week, two separate people at work remarked about how much I had trimmed down. The post is below, but mainly I am putting focus on big lifts and pushing myself to complete 11 sets within a ten minute period. This has resulted in better conditioning, shorter workouts, and sustained progress in my grip training which is leaving me just ecstatic.

I see another professional in the industry, Zach Even-Esh is doing much the same thing with abbreviated workouts. He says he has been able to regain tons of family time again while balancing his hectic schedule and booming business. In fact, he has felt so strongly about what he has done, he has put together a product about it, packed with several related bonuses. He calls it Real Man Muscle Building, and it looks awesome. At a cost of $39, there's no way you can go wrong. If you're pressed for time and want to get your life back, you gotta check it out.

I have worked with Zach on a product in the past, Grip Experts, and I have seen much of his other works, so I am convinced this latest effort is going to be amazing.

Do something good for health and your family and check this out now: Real Man Muscle Building.


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