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Monday, April 13, 2009

Bobby Goodfellow - Grip Feats

John Eaton met up with Bobby Goodfellow this past weekend and "Goody" dominated a handful of excellent grip feats, including a 50-lb Blob lift, and MM0 #3 close, 3-25's and a double 45 hub lift. This is a great list of feats to accomplish over several months' time, but "Goody" did it all in one session, making it even more spectacular!

Check this out:

Various Feats by Goody

Mash Monster 0 Cert Video (Parallel Set #3 Close)

Listen to the handles click on the first attempt!

Goody trained here at my house early last year and was still raw. He had no blobs, no good hubs, and no good 25-lb plates to pinch. For him to come so far after very limited specific training with the implements is outstanding.

Great work, Goody!

Check out Goody's blog, Cinder Block Hands.



scaleweight said...

Thanks for putting this up Jedd!!!
It should be a good show when we all get together in your new garage gym!

Goody said...

Thanks, Jedd! I can't wait to get up to your new garage gym to toss some weight around.