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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aaron Corcorran - Best Hub Lifter Ever?

Is Aaron Corcorran the best hub lifter ever? I have never seen a bigger lift than this using a 45-lb plate as the gripping surface...

What do you think? Is Acorn the best ever on hubs? Leave a comment below.

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Unknown said...

Best ever! Aaron has sick hub skeelz. Just hubbing a 45 is a big accomplishment. To do that much weight on top of it is CRAZY! I think we will someday see him do 90lbs.

Unknown said...

Wow ... That is off the sheet. I have never seen a 45lb plate with a hub that big. Jedd, would be interesting to see you get a hold of that hub.

Aaron Corcorran said...

Thanks for the kind words Jedd. I do hope to pull 90# like that one of these days.