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Friday, March 05, 2010

Arnold Classic Update

Hey now!

Well, one day of the Arnold Expo is down. The Mighty Mitts competition has proven to be very stout, both in terms of the competitors and the events as well.

The first event today was the Anvil Carry. We had to pick the 173-lb anvil up by its horn and carry it for distance.

The horn was very smooth. I thought I had a pretty good grip on it, but I must have been mistaken because I took like two steps with the thing and it shot out of my hand like a greased goose turd.

That stunk, because I expected way better of a performance.

The next event was the Sorin Monster Deadlift. Richard Sorin got a freakin' huge monster axle deadlift apparatus designed that weighed 500-lbs and it has huge globes on it.

Having never fully deadlifted 400-lbs in the double overhand style on an axle, I was extremely happy with being able to pull the bar to just below knee height. Again, my best axle deadlift in competition (double overhand) is 396-lb, so pulling on 500-lb was crazy!

Tomorrow, we will do the Double Inch Replica Dumbbell Farmer's Walk and then the Mark Henry Dumbbell Challenge Dumbbell.

In case you're not familiar with those two implements, I'll tell you a bit about them. The Inch Dumbbell Replica is 172-lb cast iron dumbbell with a 2 3/8 handle on it. To deadlift one is an elite feat of grip strength. There's less than a dozen people in the world that have ever walked with one in each hand. All ten of us are going to try to do that tomorrow.

The Mark Henry Dumbbell event is even more thunderous. It is also a dumbbell in one solid piece and it weighs about 300-lb one a 2 3/8 handle. It is in a wooden box and it must be lifted up out of the box without touching the sides. This one is gonna be big!

Now, if you're planning on coming tomorrow, make sure you check out my Arnold Classic Survival Guide. I posted it the other day so you know what you need to bring to enjoy yourself to the fullest extent.

You can get it right here = = > Arnold Expo Survival Guide

Hope you're having as much fun this weekend as I am!

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