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Monday, July 02, 2012

Got Wrist Pain?

I bet you have had wrist pain from time to time,haven't you?
Any sort of training or sport can bring about pain.
One spot that gets  jacked up more than others is the wrist
If you are active in sports, it might have come  about from a hard hit or other sort of trauma.
Lifting can cause issues as well, like if a pressing or jerk-style movement goes slightly wrong.
Even lifts like squats and curls can mess up the wrist from time to time.
Did you know the wrist has 8 little bones in it that are all arranged in a specific way in order to provide proper movement, function and strength at the wrist joint?
Many people do not realize this, but it is true.
And if any of those little bones gets thrown out of whack by getting tackled or during a lift where technique goes wrong, then you can have some pretty serious pain that greatly reduces your performance.
I found an awesome and completely free resource that shows you the construction and layout of the wrist joint.  As you move your cursor above the parts that make up the wrist, you can get even more info about the role these parts play.
Here's the link if you are interested in learning more:  The Wrist (no charge or email opt-in to view this)
Getting rid of wrist pain can be tough to do sometimes, but I do have a few suggestions for you.   Remember too, this is coming from somebody who  isn't a doctor, but has had his share of wrist injuries in the past and has found ways to get rid of them quickly.
1.  Go to a Doctor for a professional diagnosis
You have to start by learning what exactly is wrong.
They may have you go for an X-ray or MRI to see exactly what is going on. 
If it is a miss-alignment, that can usually be fixed pretty quickly.  If it is some sort of a tear, then there might be more intensive work required.
But either way, the best thing is to see exactly what you have going on there to plan your therapy and recovery.
2.  Go to a Chirporactor
Most Chiropractors do not only work on the back and neck, but also the other joints as well. 
I have had my Chiropractor adjust my wrist no fewer than 20 times over the last 10 years, and sometimes when I go in for a tune-up, I have her hit my wrists for good measure.
3.  Do Something Different from What You are Doing Now! 
Many people put treatment off for weeks, months, or even years before they do anything. 
All of this results in lost training time and possibly a condition that you can never fully recover from.
Whether it is because you don't have, lost, or can't afford insurance, or whatever the case may be, you've got to try something to get out of pain.
If you are fed up with wrist pain, I have some suggestions for you in Fixing Elbow Pain. 
Although that program is designed primarily to treat and prevent injuries of the elbow, a lot of the drills that I show you can be used for the wrist as well.
You can get this product by clicking here
If the price of a doctor visit is as scary in your home town as it is in mine, my $27 ebook might be a little easier pill to swallow.
One technique in that ebook I showed to my subscribers at my Grip instructional site,, and after using it just one time, one member experienced immediate relief.
I wouldn't sit here and guarantee that fast of results for everyone, but who knows?  You're sick of your wrist pain right?  So is it worth a try?
I will tell you for certainty, that these days, any time I feel anything weird with my wrist I march my ass downstairs and use this technique.
You can do a Test Drive of for just $7.  Now I know that's less than what you'll pay your doctor.
Like I said before, all of the tactics I show people are things I have used for myself to recover from injuries and then later on to keep them from coming back. 
I am not a doctor, don't profess to be,  nor do I want to be, but these little tricks of the trade I have picked up sure do help me get people out of pain, especially when it comes to the hands, wrists, forearms and elbows.
If you are tired of dealing with pain then click on one of the following two links.
Check out Fixing Elbow Pain here.
Check out The Grip Authority here.
Let me know if you have any questions.
All the best with your training.

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