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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grip Strength Program

I hope you are doing well and your grip strength
is improving everyday.

Hey, I got an interesting question regarding
the 8-Week Grip Program that you get when
signing up for this newsletter.

I have gotten this question a couple of times over
the last few months, so I thought  I would send out
a note to everyone about it.  Check it out below:

"What experience level would you say this program is?
Would it be a novice, advanced, expert, or world class?
I'm thinking it's in-between novice & advanced for the 8 week program."

Ben, thanks for writing in.  Like I said, this is a question
I have received many times.

By the way, if you haven't signed up for my newsletter
and gotten this free program, you can do so here.

It is probably best to label this a "Training Layout"
than a program.

I say this, because when I designed it, I wanted to put
together something that was encompassing of all the
various types of Grip Strength:  Crushing, Supporting,
Pinching (both static and dynamic), Open Hand, 
Crimping, Clamping, as well as tests of forearm strength.

The idea was to provide something that would show
everyone who gave it a try a variety of lifts and difficulty

There may indeed be lifts or challenges in this layout 
that at this time you are not able to do.  

This is not to make you feel weak or anything like that.
It is simply to point out where you are at right now
as well as how far you can one day reach.

When I first started out with Grip I was NO WHERE
near where I am now and I would never have been
able to do all of the  lifts that are included in the
8 weeks of workouts.  

Believe me, I have been at this a long time, and if it
weren't for hard work, dedication, and consistency,
I never would have reached the level I am at, nor
would I have ever been able to perform all the lifts
that I laid out and demonstrated.

The total truth is that I had trouble filming all of the
lifts in the PDF and video!  It was a ton of work to
shoot it all in one day.  In fact, I was down-right
tired during the filming and pretty sore the next day!

So as you go through the program, if you are unable
to do something, no problem at all, my friend!

What I would suggest is to print out the PDF and 
take it with you to the gym and as you try each lift,
make marks in the margins beside the lifts that
say whether you were able to do them and also 
indicate how challenging they were.

After a few weeks or maybe months, you may
look back and realize that what was really tough 
for you at the beginning of the "program" is now
much easier.

At least that is the goal...

Once you work your way through all 8 weeks and all
24 different lifts, you should have an idea of where
you lie as far as your grip strength levels.

You will also know what you need to work on as far
as weaknesses, and hopefully by being introduced to
so many different lifts, you can lay out your own 
specific program in order to address your weaknesses.

Most of all, this program is meant to be fun.  That is
why at one point in the program I say, "Now you are
really going to hate me," or something along those 
lines.  While grip training will undoubtedly help you
out in other aspects of your training, it is also a very
fun way to train with nearly endless ways o changing 
things up and keeping them exciting.

Feel free to substitute things if you don't have the
equipment.  For instance, if you don't have a thick-
handled loadable dumbbell to train with, use a set
of FatGripz.

If you don't have a 45-lb Block Weight to use, feel
free to use an inverted dumbbell or something else
that will be similar to the suggested equipment.

And at any time, feel free to write back to me and
 ask me questions.

I also do consultations for setting up Grip Programs,
where I help you lay out more traditional programs 
with the purpose of helping you attain your 
specific grip training goals.  My fees vary, depending
on exactly how much help you need, so please feel free
to write in and ask or call me.

And finally, don't forget about my coaching site, - I have tons of great info
there and it is dirt cheap to get started.  Just $7 at
the beginning and $17 after that.

At TGA, the members of the site are able to view
all of the content I have uploaded since Day 1, right
from the beginning of their membership, and I have
made a lot of changes to the site over the years to
make it as user-friendly as possible.

One of the most popular features is my monthly 
Coaching Call Recording, where I field the members'
questions, and answer them as best I can to help
them out with all of their biggest goals and aspirations.

Again, I hope you are having fun with the 8 Week 
Program and that it is helping you learn more about
Grip Training while also having a great time doing it.

Thanks again for signing up and let me know if you
have any more questions.

All the best in your training,


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