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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

06-Dec-06: Big Show Retires; Rocky Returns

Its been obvious for several months now that the WWE's Big Show has not been 100%. I read in a news announcement in the wrestling headline feeder below that he will soon be retiring, at least temporarily, to heal. Big Show broke kayfabe more than anyone in WWE, but it looks like now he deserves a break from the action. Here is a tribute video someone made for him and posted on youtube. Best of luck to him. Love to see what he could do with some grippers.

Here's the news report from Big Show Retiring

Also, just wanted to tack this great trailer up. Never thought I'd see Rocky training with kegs, kettlebells, and Olympic lifts. Throw some block weight training in there and you've got pages right out of the DIESEL method.

Eat some steak - it's safer than spinach.

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