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Saturday, December 09, 2006

09-Dec-06: The Nail Bending eBook

Grip Strength Sports is getting huge, and awareness of the importance of a strong Grip for all athletic endeavors is growing. You've heard the exciting talk about nail bending. You've seen the videos of Grip freaks bending nails, bars, and bolts. But how do you get started?

The resource you need to start bending the right way is all right here, at and The Diesel Crew presents The Nail Bending eBook. Click the image below to read all this eBook has to offer. The introductory price is just $29.97 - but only for a short time!

Click the image above to go read more about our latest project. It includes everything you need to become a bending master.

Here's a video of Eli Thomas and me certifying on Fat Bastard Barbell Co.'s Nails.

This eBook is already getting excellent reviews. Here's something Sean Rogers had to say the day he got the Bending eBook:

    Just a note to let you know. I bought the bending E-book this morning. Incredibly well done!

    I am finally able to reverse bend, I never understood the proper technique before.

    Excellent section on sledgehammer supporting exercises.

    I have an extensive library of strength training and related books, e-books and articles and this ranks up there with The GripMaster's Manual by Brookfield.

Listen, when I started bending, there was NEXT TO NO information available, aside from a handful of strength forums on the internet, and obscure literature written decades ago. If you didn't know the sites to acquire this information, then you weren't getting access to any of that information. You could not make contact with the athlete's who'd already been through the trenches and made mistakes, and learned from them in order to break through their limitations and accomplish their potential. Now everything you need to know has been written down in one resource, documented from experience. When I began, I made mistakes. I learned from them. I had injuries, and I battled through them. Now you can read this Nail Bending eBook and avoid all the pitfalls that I had to struggle through.

Here is a handful of features this eBook has to offer:
    Half a dozen different Nail Bending techniques - some used by professional strengmen of the past and present!

    An exercise index of supporting exercies spanning 60 page!

    A complete Nail Progression Directory from the easiest nails to the toughest!
    Dozens of on-line resources that you can use to your advantage to improve all in one place! You'll NEVER have to scour the 'net for Bending information again.

Remember, the introductory price is just $29.97 - but only for a short time!

Whether you already have bending experience or if you're just starting out, you should get your hands on The Nail Bending

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