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Sunday, March 04, 2007

04-Mar-07: Global Grip Challenge 2006 EVD's are READY!

The 2006 Global Grip Challenge EVD's are ready! Get your copy today!
Send Jedd an email to order the GGC 2006 EVD. In June of 2006, the Diesel Crew held the Global Grip Challenge at The Sorinex facility in Irmo, South Carolina. This showdown saw new champions crowned in the Men’s large Hand and Small hand Division, as well as the Women’s Division. Also, Chad Woodall set a new World Record in the Vertical Bar lift.
The events at this contest were:

    -Credit Card Set Grippers
    -European Pinch Device
    -European Vertical bar
    -Blob Medley
    -Rolling Thunder
Also included in this disk were a magnificent show of strength feats by Erik “Hammerhead” Vining, and a Diesel dedication to Randall Strossen. All of this action is ready for you to behold.
The Diesel Crew has compiled all of the footage of the 2006 Global Grip Challenge onto EVD format. This disk will allow you to watch the entire contest as it happened, as well as cut up the footage, make your own highlight videos, and show the world.

This disk is only $19.95, plus $4.05 for shipping in the US. Please EMAIL ME to make your order.

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