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Monday, March 05, 2007

05-Mar-07: Kurt Angle Wrestling/UFC Rumors

For a while now there’s been some discussion on the possibility that some big names who most recently were employed by WWE might be going to TNA. Kurt Angle was on the Bubba the Love Sponge show today (on Sirius Satellite Radio, Howard 101) and in fact echoed most of these rumors. I did not catch the entire conversation, but I did in fact definitely hear Kurt Angle mention the following names as being in talks with TNA currently: Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan, Big Show, Andrew Martin, and Bill Goldberg. Bubba then asked Kurt, what about Chris Jericho, and Kurt said, “Well, that one’s a secret,” or something to that effect.

The whole conversation sounded legit. I didn’t hear any snickering. It didn’t seem like some kind of work or anything.

Then they moved on to the subject of UFC. Kurt Angle has been showing up in Real Fighter Magazine, making statements about his interest in moving into UFC. Tonight on the Bubba show, he said the only reason why he is not training to appear in UFC at this moment is because Dana White, the UFC President, does not want him to be involved in wrestling and fighting at the same time.

Bubba played a portion of a previous interview Dana gave. In it, Dana said that Kurt Angle is full of shit and that he does not really want to compete in UFC. Angle said that Dana White needs to get his stories straight.

Before the interview came to a close, Angle stated “I wanna fight for Dana White” and he also said that given the chance to fight for Dana White, he would stop wrestling and just make appearances on TNA tv and pay-per-views. One of Bubba’s colleagues then asked Angle what he would do if Dana said the only way he could fight was if he completely severed ties with TNA and wrestling and Kurt said he is extremely grateful for the relationship he has with TNA management, and he would not break off from them just to fight in UFC. He said his allegiance is to TNA, although he would like to be doing both.


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