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Saturday, April 07, 2007

07-Apr-07: Diesel Athlete of the Month

There were lots of possibilities for athlete of the month during March and it took a while to get through them all. This month the Diesel Athlete is someone who is busy defending our country in the deserts of Iraq, yet still finds time to train! And I'm not talking about bodyweight conditioning - this fellow trains with kettlebells and bands and even bends nails.

In fact, he just started bending nails in January, 2007, when he purchased an IronMind Bag o' Nails. He told us he bent the white nail no problem, smashed a yellow in 30 seconds, and then stopped to marvel at the Red Nail. Less than a week later, he wrote, "I thought KBs were my favorite strength tool, but nothing touches the awesomeness of destroying perfectly fine steel products with my hands. My father is going to mail me some grade 5-8 bolts, when I get them I will let you know how it goes." Within a month, he was "bending cut Blues terminator style," and tried a red DU, getting it to about 10 degrees. Now, with only about 3 months of bending experience, he is mangling Red Nails with IronMind wraps.

It is my pleasure to announce SSgt. Adam Glass the Diesel Athlete of the Month.

The Conquered Red Nail

A Bent Grounding Rod

Kettlebell Innovation

All the best to you, SSgt. Adam Glass! Come home safe.


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Unknown said...

Just noticed the 'kettlebell innovation' pic - great idea. Will definitely give that a go.

Quick question - where does that bell (in his hands) start? On the ground?

Jedd Johnson, CSCS said...

It could start on the ground, but my guess is that the kb starts on a bench or on a railing. I assume he lifts it and holds it for time to strengthen the crush down movement for nail bending. I'll have to ask him to find out!