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Sunday, May 20, 2007

20-May-07: Chad Woodall wins Munsterland Grip Contest

Chad Woodall won the Munsterland Grip Contest yesterday, and following the contest, became (I believe) the first person to lift 3-15kg plates with no supporting device. Wade Gillingham has done 3-35's with a pipe inside.

During the contest, Chad set a new World Record in the Two Hand Pinch. Here is a list of the top ten pinch lifts on the European Adjustable Pinch Apparatus:
    1. Chad Woodall, USA 111.5k MGC III 2007
    2. Martin Arildsson, Sweden 111.1k LGC XVI 2007
    3. David Horne, England 107.2k CC 2005
    4. Dave Thorton, USA 103.1k GGC 2006
    5. Nick McKinless, England 101.8k CC 2005
    6. Jedd Johnson, USA 101.2k GGC 2005
    7. Dean Bolt, Wales 100.3k IG 2004
    8. Steve McGranahan, USA 95.1k CC 2005
    9. Eli Kiener, USA 92.1k GGC 2005
    10.Benny Wennberg, Sweden 91.0k Euro 2004

Chad and Theo Burgraaff tied in the Vertical Bar at a new All-time high with 177.7 k.

The final results from the Nusterland Grip Championships will be posted as soon as they are available.