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Monday, June 04, 2007

04-Jun-07: John Cena F.U.

I just watched John Cena perform the F.U. on the 450 pound Great Kali. It was the second time he did it in 24 hours, as he also dropped the big man on his head last night at ECW One Night Stand. This was quite an impressive feat of legitimate strength.

It reminded me of when he performed it on the 500+ pound Big Show a while back. On a hunch, I went to and found it. It is one of the greatest legitimate feats of strength I have ever seen in a wrestling match.


So, what are some of the biggest feats of strength in wrestling matches you remember seeing? Leave a comment!



Fernando Gonzalez said...
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Fernando Gonzalez said...

that's crazy! Cena bounced so hard that he almost missed the submission grab!!
I Wonder how much he can squat or deadlift?

Jedd Johnson, CSCS said...

Fernando, i gotta believe that John Cena must do some sort of heavy training for him to be able to support the dead weight of these giant sons of guns, but really have no idea how much. i would love to see a resource that gives this information, but so far I have not seen it!