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Thursday, June 28, 2007

29-Jun-07: Strongman Equipment for Sale

A friend of mine is unloading a great deal of his strongman training equipment, and I am helping him get the word out. NONE of this is my stuff. Prices are listed for each item, or you can get the whole thing for $1500! Unbelievable collection for a fraction of the price he paid for it, I'm sure.

    "Atlas stones - I can't remember the exact weights but I know I am within 10lbs, they are as follows:

    180lbs $90

    269lbs $ 130

    280lbs $ 140

    313lbs $150

    339lbs $160

    350lbs $170

    405lbs $200

    Hussafell Stone, around 300lbs $150

    265lb Sand Bag $25

    Full set of platforms for the stones built according to the WSM heights $500

    Dead lift patforms for lifting the stones off of so the ground is level, there are two $150 each


    500lbs $25

    870lbs $25

    1100lbs $25

    1600lbs $25

    Beer Kegs:

    6 old style kegs full of cement, great for loading or dragging, I cemented a metel rod eith a ring on the end in the keg with the ring fitting flush in the bung so you can attach a clip to the ring for dragging events, multiple kegs can be attached together. $50 each

    4 new style kegs, I have altered them so you can adjust the weight easily with a plug at the top and they seal air tight $25 each

    Oxygen cylinders, I got these with the intention of making farmers walkers but never got around to it $25 each

    12" Stainless Steel Pro Log, the log is 1/2 an inch thick and has 9" long loading areas on each side made of solid 2" steel, the log weighs 270lbs empty, this thing was expensive guys the steel alone cost a ton cause it is stainless $500 This log was built and used by a Pro Strongman, I purchased the log from him and let me tell you it is AWESOME.

    All of these items are PICK UP ONLY, I listed prices I thought were fair and on most of the stuff with the cost of the item new as well as the materials if took for me to build some of it I am taking a pretty big hit but like I said I hate to see it go to waste. "

Please email me for contact information.


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