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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The latest from APT Pro Wrist Straps

Hey guys, Alan from APT Pro Gear here :-)
Serious no games offer still active, MANY of you have already used this.

Last Remaining Week for this then Holiday Season Offers start.
Lots of Newly added APT Gear as well, check it out.

Here is the active F-R-*E-E Offer and 15% off of your ENTIRE
order and NO minimum order amount.

Pick from the following and see the details below:

F*R-E-E to you.........
**ANY 12" (twelve inch) design APT Wrist Wraps (code is WRAPS) or
(this includes the New Convict Pro 12" Wrist Wraps)

**ANY Black or Natural BASIC Set of APT Lifting Straps (code is STRAPS) or

**ANY set of APT Sleeves (Regular or Heavy or Super Heavy) (code is SLEEVE)

1-Place ANY SIZE order and pick from the above list and also get 15% off your entire order.

2-You HAVE TO use one of the Discount Codes ABOVE when checking out to get the 15% off!!!!!!

3-In the "Comments/Extra Info" section when checking out, you HAVE to tell
us what you want F-R*E-E by name and size. This will be sent F*R-E_E with your order.

That's it, simple, your done, wanted this deal again, so we are offing it again.
This will expire 1 Nov 07 so you have about 1 week to get your F*R_E-E gear.

PS:......APT's All New "Convict Pro" Wrist Wraps are now in stock.
THE HEAVIEST in the Powerlifting/weight lifting industry, Hard Core use ONLY!!
See them here:

Thanks and enjoy your F_R*E-E gear and other products.

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