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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Smitty's Latest Articles

Several New Articles up on the Diesel site!

Jim Smith, CSCS - Dynamic Sledge Warm Up

Jim Smith, CSCS - Core Statics - Quick Exercise

Jim Smith, CSCS - Knife Game

Jim Smith, CSCS - Corporate Strength - Knowledge Management

Jim Smith, CSCS - Static Postural Assessments


1 comment:

Adam said...

5 star products as usual.

Hey man i really like the Inch DB series. I tried out maxing my RT DL last night: 185lbs R/L. I feel humbled after watching that monster pull 300 in the video below.

BTW, do you know where i can find some York DB/s to make in to Blobs?? I want a 35lbs blob, a 40 and soon a 50.