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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

IM Red Nail Reverse, New Bending Site, Gripmas 2007

This video is the time I first bent an IronMind Red Nail. If I remember correctly, it was August 2004, and it was one of the first times someone kinked it with the reverse technique and then finished it off for the full bend.

Nowadays most people bend reds and above with a Double Overhand technique, but I feel with some practice and the right know-how, people can do them with the Reverse Style.

My Bending eBook can help you out there: Bending eBook. Remember, if you order my book and $39.97 worth of Fat Bastard Stock you get $10 bucks off each order.

I originally hoped to have this up before the Gripmas Carol contest that I competed in this past weekend, but I was unable to log in during my travels. Here is a link for you to download the mp3 to our Grip Strength Radio installment where we talk about what might go on at Gripmas. In a day or so, I hope to have the follow-up radio show re-capping what went down.

Gripmas Carol Pre-show

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