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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tex Henderson - Double Inch Farmer's Walk

This is Tex Henderson, who trains with the Sorinex crew, perform a 50+ feet double Inch replica farmers walk. This is a TREMENDOUS feat of hand strength. Tex Henderson has been featured here before and it is plain to see his abilities.

Tex is a Strongman competitor, but we are hoping he decides to devote some time to Grip, as he is a front runner already, even without much specific training.



Adam said...

Tex is so good, i am not even impressed with this from him. I think he could walk the circus bells. No training, he would just walk up, rip 'em and go for a stroll.

This dude needs a WWE contract-he and Mark Henry in the ring throwing people across state lines...

Jedd Johnson, CSCS said...

I understand what you are thinking, but I feel differently. Regardless of hand size, a walk with the bells is frickin' awesome! Big hands do not equal Inch domination. If they are weak, they are not going to withstand the rotation - they still have to be strong to overcome. Tex's walking with them just shows how truly strong his large hands are.