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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gripboard Records List Announcement

Captains of Crush (COC) #3.5 Close
Patrick Gansel - 6th to do so with Mash Monster set; 2nd to do so with IronMind Credit Card Set
Matti Heiskanen - 7th to do so with Mash Monster set; 1st to do so with with each hand

Inch Dumbbell & Blob
Andrew Durniat

COC #1
Nicholas Vrontakis

COC #2
Mickey Greco
Jason Lutan
Steven M. Noles

50-lb Blob
Mitch Mobley
Andrew Durniat
Fred Coombs
Scott Harris, Jr.

Double 45-lb Hub Lift

Grant Mochizuki

6 Tens Pinch

Jedd Johnson

5 Tens Pinch

Mitch Mobley
Bobby Goodfellow
Bob Lipinski

COC #3 Closed with Each Hand
Filip Jovanovac
Matti Heiskanen

52.5 Pound Hex (Half 105)
Bob Sundin (odin) ... Slope: 5 3/4...Hand Size: 7 5/8"

Two 50-lb Blobs Deadlifted At The Same Time
Bob Sundin (odin)
Aaron Corcorran


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