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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Highlight from TPS Grip Assault

Here is a video of me attempting a 115 snatch and overhead support of a 115-lb kettlebell followed by a 50-lb blob face lift. The face lift proved too difficult for me, following the contest.

Look for a complete run down of the TPS Grip Assault contest on Grip Strength Radio very soon!



Anonymous said...

Jedd that 115 kettlebell actually weighs 118. So give yourself more credit. I few months ago I weighed it when I was 1 hand jerking the thing at TPS. I tried snatching it once but couldnt get the power to get it past shoulder level.

Jedd Johnson, CSCS said...

No way! That's cool. Thanks for posting. Who are ya bud?

Anonymous said...

anonymous...My name is Ryan..too lazy to log into my google earlier while browsing your blog. I have posted on your blog before. You may have seen my New Balance shoe in one of Smitty's videos a few years back over at Max kettlebells in Williamsport. You may have also seen the article of 30 best red kettlebell is in the TPS picture...Those are my only claims to fame in the strength world. (Boston area sarcasm).