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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Soem Vids from Grip Assault

John Eaton and I traveled to the TPS Grip Assault this past weekend. Here are some clips from the pinching event. Stay tuned for a radio show where we recap the events. It should be up Sunday!

John Eaton - BIG 228 LBS!

Me - 248 Lb World Record Attempt (Equipment Malfunction)



Adam said...


Jedd you got robbed man! That was going up! That is such BS.

What a WICKED pinch man.

Unknown said...

Jedd you and John still kick ass in my book!!


Jedd Johnson, CSCS said...

Thanks guys. Rules are rules though. The calibration of the plates wasn't fine enough anyway, so the lifts wouldn't have counted. Oh well. Getter next time.