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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Teemu Attempts the 3.5 Certification

Above, Teemu Ilvesniemi attempts the IronMind 3.5 Gripper Certification.

I have watched many videos of Teemu destroying 3.5 grippers with ease.

However, the one he tried above looked so darn wide! For him to leave a gap that big between the handles after attempting, tells me that it was a damn hard spring as well.

I don't know what happens with grippers after trying for certification - does the athlete send it back? - - does the athlete get to keep it? - but I would suggest Teemu tries to keep that one because it seems as though if he can work up to closing that 3.5, he will be able to close pretty much any 3.5, plus he'd be that much closer to closing a #4 under certification requirements.

Best of luck to you Teemu! You are an outstanding grip athlete!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thats a big gap wow. Good job thought Teemu. Not that it compares but thats how close I got my #2 the first time I tried it when I opend the package. Keep trying you will get it.