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Sunday, March 18, 2007

18-Mar-07: Wild Samoans

I fought the urge to go out and get wasted and intoxicate my sinuses and throat with mobile nicotine on St. Patrick's day, as much as I wanted to have a few green beers. I got a great gripper workout in, and fried my thumbs with high reps on the Titan Telegraph Key. What did you do last night? Did you get one step closer to your goals?

Smitty found this ad on youtube for the Wild Samoans Training Camp in Allentown PA. I know some of you reading this want to get your foot in the door of professional wrestling, judging by the emails I get from those who read this blog, so if you are in the area, I urge you to give them a call and sign up. Hey, even Iron Sheik is backing them. If they've got HIS support, then they must be good because that guy is one bitter son of a gun.

Go for it!


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