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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why You Should Buy My Bending eBook

As many of you know, I sell an ebook on how to bend nails. If you'd like to check out the site it is

Some beginners have written and asked me why they should buy my bending ebook. They want to know what they can get out of it. I thought I would take a moment to mention why I think my bending ebook is a good purchase for you.

First off, in the Nail Bending eBook, I cover all of the major bending techniques: Double Overhand (DO), Double Underhand (DU), and Reverse (R) styles. I cover the step-by-step movements and pressures that must be formed and applied to the nails with these techniques in order to bend some of the biggest nails, bolts, and stock on the planet. DO, DU, and Reverse are the most common techniques used of unbraced style. But I don't stop there, I also cover lesser-known techniques, such as Slim Style, a technique done by Slim "The Hammerman" Farman, Vertical Style, and Heslep Style, a technique used by an up-and-coming strongman performer, Tommy Heslep. The techniques are explained in common language and are accompanied by still-frames, showing you how to do them yourself. I do not know of any bending reference material available that goes in this detail.

Second, the Bending eBook includes a 60-page exercise index that will help you build the strength necessary to start your bending career safely, and to continually build strength without having to bend all the stock you have in your house. Each exercise is accompanied by pictures, once again, so that you can more easily visualize how to do them. Whether you train alone, or in a group you will understand how to do these exercises safely in order to build your base strength and avoid injury.

Third, the Bending eBook includes a complete ramp-up schedule for beginner benders. As I detail in my book, I had a severe case of epicondylitis in both elbows when I first started bending because I did waaay too much for my conditioning level. Bending is addictive. I've heard of athletes running out of stock to bend and then running all over their house looking for other perfectly good items,like screwdrivers, to bend. I show you how to pace yourself and gradually increase workload to keep yourself healthy and not interfere in the rest of your workout routine. Most athletes who buy the eBook train in other aspects of strength and can not afford to miss their other workouts due to inflammation and pain. That's why I put this section in the book.

Guys, those are just three reasons why you should pick up my Bending eBook, and there are hundreds more within. Now you could be like me and take five years to really understand what you are doing, or you can check out my eBook. I know you will be satisfied with it.

Check it out Here.


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1 comment:

Adam said...

Buying Jedds ebook was one of my best moves last year. Using his information i was able to move from bending a yellow the first time i piecked one up (thanks to the assistance drills) to bending a Red nail in Feb 2006. I will certify with the Bastard and Red this fall.

Jedd provided a very clear progression, detailed descriptions and pictures of all of the primary bending techniques, as well as a few unusal ones.

Jedd is not an arm chair expert either, he has bent some big steel (IM RED, FBBC Mag bastard, Edgin) and knows what he is talking about.

To the Point-There is no better resource IN THE WORLD then Jedd Johnsons bending E-book.

Adam T Glass