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Monday, November 26, 2007

Circuit for Grapplers

This is one of Smitty's latest videos showing an outstanding circuit for Grapplers. You'll see the only equipment needed is an army duffel with sand in it. Simple equipment, simple routine, outstanding results.

1A Sandbag Getups
2A Sandbag Clean & Press
3A Sandbag Military Press
4A Sandbag Shoulder Squat
5A Sandbag Lunges
6A Sandbag Torso Rotations
7A Sandbag Good Mornings
8A Sandbag Front Squats
9A Sandbag Pullthroughs

Ways to increase the intensity of the circuit:
- perform more runs through the circuit
- perform more reps for each exercise in the circuit
- increase the weight of the sandbag
- decrease the rest time between runs
- increase the tempo (duration of concentric or eccentric phases)

Smitty covers simple training and complex circuits like this one in his Building the Ultimate MMA Athlete. Check it out!


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