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Monday, November 26, 2007

What are the little icons at the bottom of each post?

Some of you have written wondering the little icons are at the bottom of each post. These icons are for social bookmarking. The way it works is if you like a post on the blog, here, just click on one of the icons and it will automatically link you to the corresponding bookmarking website. Examples are,,, and There you can write a review of it and it will be posted for all the members of that site to see.

Many of my posts are centered around Grip Strength. I encourage you to click these links and reference my posts on these pages. Adding them there may get new faces to the blog, and this may in fact help build the sport of Grip.

You will have to sign up for each site, so feel free to click on each of the links and do so.

I appreciate your help in spreading the word!


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