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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tough Kettlebell Grip Shit

I’ve said for years that Grip Training is one of the
most important types of training that most people
are NOT doing.

A Strong Grip helps you perform better in sports
 by being able to hold onto the ball, bat, or your
opponent better.

A Strong Grip also helps you improve your
numbers on lifts where the hands are involved,
especially the all important Bench Press. By
having a firm grasp on the bar, it helps you engage
your upper body in the lift much better while also
 increasing your confidence in the lift, knowing
you are going to dominate it with no problem.

Finally, Strong Hands and Forearms are Safer
Hands and Forearms.

What I mean by that is when you have put in the
work to strengthen everything from the elbow
down in a balanced fashion, it makes you much
more injury-resistent. You are able to take more
bumps without having to worry about breaking
something and you’re able to give more bumps
without having to hold back.

The issue with all this is, how do you get started?

People make Grip Training out to be a lot tougher
 than it is. In fact, if you have a small kettlebell in
the 15- to 30-lb range, you’ve got exactly what
you need in order to start training your grip and
start reaping all the benefits.

Kettlebell Gut Pops (Full Hand Emphasis)

Forget the fact that the kettlebell has a perfectly
good handle on it. Instead, pick it up by the belly
or Gut. Next, pop it up into the air and try to grab
 it with the other hand.

In the pictures above, I am using a 30-lb Kettlebell.
However, take note that I am not as much of a
bad-ass as I may seem THIS TIME, because this
kettlebell has a rubber coating around it. If you have
 one that is bare iron it is going to be much tougher.

Kettlebell Front Raise (Thumb Emphasis)

Again, Grip the Kettlebell by its round gut with an
open hand. Next raise it up in front of you like a
front delt raise, making sure to keep the thumb
positioned on the bottom of the bell in order to
hit it the hardest way possible.

If you are a true tough guy, try holding it up for a
pause on each repetition.

Kettlebell Horn Deviations (Wrist Emphasis)

Grip the Kettlebell this time by the “horn,” which
is the part of the handle that is generally vertical.
From there, lower the bell down into ulnar
deviation and then back up into radial deviation.

 If you love the pain and torture of this variation,
you should also try supinating and pronating the
forearm. LOVELY!

There are thee Grip Training movements you can
start doing RIGHT NOW in your routine to get the
benefits of stronger lower arms and hands.

If you want more ideas on how to be a bad-ass by
lifting crazy shit and bending and tearing everything
in site, check out The Grip Authority. I’ll tell you how
to build the strength to be able to rip phone books,
 tear cards and bend steel.

Now, go Lift or Destroy something.

All the best in your training.

Jedd Johnson, CSCS, RKC

Captain of Crush | Red Nail Certified

See more on building ridiculous hand strength = >

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