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Friday, November 02, 2012

Simple, Effective, and Cheap Bullet Proofing

Ever wonder what it takes to bullet-proof yourself?
That is what I am going to graze the surface of today.

But first, I want to thank you all for being my
subscribers.  In the past couple of weeks, we have
added many new names to the list of passionate
strength enthusiasts who have come on board.

To all of you, welcome aboard.

Now on to today's topic, bullet-proofing.

By bullet-proofing, I am talking about doing 
everything you can to avoid injury.

There are so many ways you can get hurt if you
train hard and play hard.  You have to always be
thinking ahead.

We have to stay flexible, mobile, stable, strong, 
elastic, reactive - and the "buzz words" go on and on.

One of the injuries that is most important to prevent
is wrist injuries.

They might not keep you from playing, but they
often just nag you at random times.  They're gone
long enough for you to forget them and then all of 
a sudden they come up to bite you.

Soon, they get into your mind and before you
know it, you are thinking about all the time, even
when you aren't even playing sports or training in 
the gym.

My specialty when it comes to injury prevention is
the lower arms.  In my experience, if you train them
from all angles in balance, your risk of injury and
accompanying worry is greatly reduced, so check 
out this post on how to prevent wrist injuries on
my other website,

This article contains 4 exercises that you can do with
the equipment you most likely already have to start
building your hardened exoskeleton and bullet-proofing
your lower arms and hands.

And if you don't have the stuff, you should get it, 
because they are all priceless pieces of training gear
for the grip and forearms.

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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Hope you enjoy it.  Any questions, just leave a
comment at the site.

All the best in your training and bullet-proofing efforts.


P.S.  Like I said above, there are many things you need
to be aware of to stay at 100%.  Today's post will get
you started on one of them.  Implement these things
today so you can make yourself more injury-resistent.

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