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Monday, August 13, 2007

Directions to GGC

Several have written asking how to get to GGC. I do not have the address of the EDGE Fitness Center yet, but I will get it and let everyone know. For now, the directions to get there from the Sayre Best Western are as follows.

Turn left out of the Best Western driveway and take route 17 West. Less than a mile up the highway there will be an exit on your right - Exit 60. Take that exit toward Sayre and Towanda. It is route 220 - go South.

Towanda is about 12 miles down route 220. You will see a ramp for Rte 6 on your right. There is a huge green sign that says Towanda on it.

Take the ramp and turn left onto Rte 6. The EDGE is about 1 mile down the road on the left. Here is an image of the EDGE, below. This shot is from the South side, you will be coming from the North.

There is a sizeable extension that they built onto the left side of the building that does not show up in this picture, but the face with the red lettering on the front of the building is exactly the same.

Hope this is helpful for those coming from the North, i.e. Sayre, Athens area.


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