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Sunday, August 12, 2007

My best speed bag string

In this string, I was able to put together several hitting techniques without spilling the bag. This is by far the best string I have ever managed as far as using complex hits and keeping it going for time. Front circle punch, front fist roll, split fists, downward double elbow strike, outward double elbow strike, outward triple elbow strike, forward back, and double forward double back are some of the techniques I was able to piece in. I did not try any double reverse fist rolling or sideways punching as I am not any good at them YET. I also hit a no-look series of single fist basic rhythm, which I've never seen anyone try, but I also doubt it occurred to anyone to try it, either. I am sure anyone who can hit the bag with any speed can do so with their eyes closed, facing away, or with a blindfold.


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