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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chris Mathison - Gripper Closes

Chris Mathison recently hooked a brutha up with a "Glob." A "Glob" is a dumbbell head cut from a globe-style dumbbell. It was from half a 60-pounder. Quite the challenging Griplement.

Chris tells me he has recently lifted his Glob and will posting the video soon. In the meantime, check him out getting it done with the COC #3 - Very shallow sets with the #3 with a credit card. Closes it or comes very very close multiple times in this video.

Chris is looking like he's just about ready for Captain-of-Crush certification!

In case you didn't notice, Chris was sporting one of the Light Blue Diesel Spine Shirt. Thanks for representing Grip DIESEL-style.

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odin said...

Congratulations Chris! I think that pinching heavy round objects is great for thumb strength.

I wonder what the biggest liftable "Glob" is. I would imagine that any 50+ Glob would be too big for almost anyone to get ahold of.

Jedd Johnson, CSCS said...

I think a half 65 is reasonable and a half 70 might be possible, although I am not sure.

I know I would certainly love to try - that is for sure.

odin said...

Yes, me also, as long as it has some texture it should be doable with training.