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Friday, August 30, 2013

Can You Close #3 Gripper Without Serious Strength Training?

Question:  Can you close big grippers like the #3 or #3.5 without also doing training devoted to developing strength?

Does Strength Training benefit your pursuit of a big crush?

Will you be able to close these grippers faster if you do full body strength training on top of it, or will that just tire out your hands, hurt your recovery, and slow down your path to your goals?

In this video I give my thoughts on whether you can close heavy grippers, like the #3 and above. 

I hope this helps you to decide whether or not you should supplement your gripper training with other full body strength training.

All the best in your training.


Are you looking for more guidance in your Gripper Training, then check out my Gripper Training DVD

Thursday, August 29, 2013

What To Do About Serious Triceps Pain

This reader wrote in and asked what he should do about serious pain in the triceps/elbow area.

He is having pain so bad that it hurts when all he does is flex his tricep.

In this video, I talk a bit about what I have done in the past and what I think he should do in order to address and fix his tricep pain.

All the best in your training,


P.S. If you are having elbow pain like tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow or medial and lateral epicondylitis
be sure to check out Fixing Elbow Pain.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Q & A Videos - Coming Soon to Napalm's Corner

Hey there.

I have been posting to this blog very rarely, but am going to be doing more.

I have been doing a lot of Q & A videos on YouTube, and I don't always get the chance to put them up on, so now once they are uploaded, I will be posting them here.

If there is anything specific you'd be interested in asking me about Training, please feel free to post in the comments section.

Thanks and all the best in your training.


P.S.  New Videos will begin coming your way tomorrow!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Simple, Effective, and Cheap Bullet Proofing

Ever wonder what it takes to bullet-proof yourself?
That is what I am going to graze the surface of today.

But first, I want to thank you all for being my
subscribers.  In the past couple of weeks, we have
added many new names to the list of passionate
strength enthusiasts who have come on board.

To all of you, welcome aboard.

Now on to today's topic, bullet-proofing.

By bullet-proofing, I am talking about doing 
everything you can to avoid injury.

There are so many ways you can get hurt if you
train hard and play hard.  You have to always be
thinking ahead.

We have to stay flexible, mobile, stable, strong, 
elastic, reactive - and the "buzz words" go on and on.

One of the injuries that is most important to prevent
is wrist injuries.

They might not keep you from playing, but they
often just nag you at random times.  They're gone
long enough for you to forget them and then all of 
a sudden they come up to bite you.

Soon, they get into your mind and before you
know it, you are thinking about all the time, even
when you aren't even playing sports or training in 
the gym.

My specialty when it comes to injury prevention is
the lower arms.  In my experience, if you train them
from all angles in balance, your risk of injury and
accompanying worry is greatly reduced, so check 
out this post on how to prevent wrist injuries on
my other website,

This article contains 4 exercises that you can do with
the equipment you most likely already have to start
building your hardened exoskeleton and bullet-proofing
your lower arms and hands.

And if you don't have the stuff, you should get it, 
because they are all priceless pieces of training gear
for the grip and forearms.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Hope you enjoy it.  Any questions, just leave a
comment at the site.

All the best in your training and bullet-proofing efforts.


P.S.  Like I said above, there are many things you need
to be aware of to stay at 100%.  Today's post will get
you started on one of them.  Implement these things
today so you can make yourself more injury-resistent.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

9 Tips on Injury Prevention

Over the summer, I was performing Strongman 
Shows at the Fayette County Fair in Dunbar, PA.
It was a great time and the kids
and parents alike seem to have enjoyed watching
me bend horseshoes, tear cards, and bend spikes
while lying on the bed of nails.
This was the first time I ever performed
Strongman Shows of this kind, so it 
was a bit of a learning experience.
One of the main things was having to go from
totally cold to being able to perform at a very 
quick rate, to avoid injury.
So, I am going to list a few of the things I am
doing to stay injury free while doing the shows.
I realize not all of you perform strongman 
exhibitions, but if you compete at Grip Sport,
Strongman, Powerlifting, or other sports where
you cycle bouts of activity and inactivity, then 
keep these tips in mind.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
1.  Stay Hydrated
I have written several times about  the importance
of staying hydrated.  Your muscles just won't work
if you don't have enough fluid in your body, and 
a couple days have been in the 90's so fluid loss 
happens quickly.
To stay hydrated, I hit my regular two glasses of 
water when I wake up in the morning, and
continue to do so throughout the day.
This has kept away the dreaded full body cramping
that my buddy John Beatty warned me about due
to lack of hydration and salt.
2.  Get Enough Vitamins
After the first day, I was feeling run down and
realized I wasn't getting enough fruit and veggies.
I have still not found a booth selling this stuff
at the fair so I bought a bunch of oranges, bananas,
berries, nuts, and mixed veggies at Walmart.  
This made a huge difference for me.
3.   Get Enough Salt
I mentioned the nuts that I am eating throughout
the day.  I also have a back of sunflower seeds.
From my old baseball days, I can crack sun-
flower seeds like a champ.  I don't do it during
the shows of course, but they are helping me
keep some salt going into my body.
I also grab a few slices of bacon from the 
breakfast bar and stick those in a little baggie and
much on those between shows.  Some sea salt
would probably be better, but I am making good 
with these sources.
That's about it for me dietary approach. Now,
onto some more physical tips.
4.  Solid Warm-up
Starting 15 minutes before each show, I am 
running myself through a warm-up to get
my joints well-lubricated and ready to go.
I start out with some rolling on my cardboard
pipe (foam rollers are cool, but I like this better).
I hit my lower back, rib cage, lats, glutes and 
hamstrings to get rid of some adhesions, 
promote more blood flow, and adjust my
thoracic spine.
5.  Back Wrap
I have just a cheap-o Walmart Back Wrap that 
I use to keep my lower back warm.  It works as
well as anything else I have tried.  There are 
more expensive options on the market, but I 
bought this when I was on the road for a 
Strongman contest back in the day and have 
loved it ever since.
6.  Nettles Patch
On the inside of my back wrap I have two 
patches which also contribute to blood flow
into the lower back called "Netical Patch." 
While walking through Nettles  can make you
break out into an annoying rash, someone 
figured out how to turn them into an awesome
patch.  These come from Nettle Farms Inc., and 
their website is, if 
you are interested in checking them out.
7.  Don't Sit Down
I try to avoid sitting down during the time I am
at the fair like I am trying to avoid the black
plague.  If I need to rest, I generally try to lean
against a wall instead of sitting down.  I do
enough sitting down while working to last me 
the whole day, plus when I do, it makes me cool
down and makes my hips freeze back up.
8.  Layer Up
Believe it or not, once I get all sweaty during
a show, once I stop, if the breeze is going I
start to feel cold, so I immediately throw on
an extra tee shirt.  Rain has been hitting the
fair off and on, and keeping layers on between 
shows has helped to keep me from catching
a chill when it is storming and when the sun
goes down.
9.  Elbow Sleeves
I am susceptible to elbow pain, and I am doing
more bending over the course of these 6 days
than I have in the last year, so I am being extra 
cautious and wearing my elbow  sleeves during
the shows.
This is just one of the many ways you can keep
elbow pain like tennis elbow and golfer's elbow.
If you are susceptible to this as well, check out
our ebook, Fixing Elbow Pain.  In it I cover dozens
more practices you can do to prevent elbow injuries.
Well, DIESELS, there are 9 things you can do to 
prevent injuries, whether you are doing Strongman
performances, competing in Strongman, Powerlifitng,
or Grip competitions, or doing any other kind
of sport or activity that involves periodic lulls
of action over the course of several hours.
All the best in your training,