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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Superhuman Strength - The Truck Pull

Analysis of a Truck Pull, featuring Mark Phillippi, WSM competitor, and David Sandler, from StrengthPro. This clip was featured on the show Superhuman Strength, on the Discovery Channel. This clip analyzes the technique of the truck pull with extraordinary advanced technology, monitoring the mechanics of the body and breathing during the pull.


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Why Torre Left - Straight from the Source


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Diesel Crew Grippers

Gripper work from a workout a few weeks back. Check out the power of Eli on the #3. I was trying to pry his fingers open and he just kept on crushing the thing.

Try it out the next time you work grippers.


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Friday, October 19, 2007

Backyard Bastard Bash 2007 Grip Contest Write-up

Again this year, John Beatty out-did himself with the 2007 Backyard Bastard Bash Grip contest. John is the owner of Fat Bastard Barbell Company, and puts the contest on every year. John’s facility is awesome for a Grip contest. Here's my run down.

Before the contest I made sure to check out the grippers, something I did not do last year. Most of the grippers that were used were Aaron Corcorran's RGC calibrated grippers, which was excellent. You could be confident that every thing lined up the right way and extra grippers were only thrown in a couple times for things under the 3's. Like I said, I pre-squeezed the grippers lefty and decided I would start at the elites. When Aaron and Chad started out at 3.5 and SE, I knew I was not going to place first in this event. They both murdered them. I decided to start out at the middle elite, which I set and closed so quick I could feel a hard close. I was very surprised. Next, I jumped up to the 3.5. I have been getting very close on mine and decided I better go for it, in case it was a bit easier than mine. The numbers Aaron provided didn't mean much to me as I have not calibrated any of my grippers with an RGC. John said I was about 1/8th inch away. I considered trying it again, but I stayed safe instead and dropped down for the hard elite that was right below the 3.5 and I got it with a fight. Not sure where that placed me.

Next event was bending. My best beforehand was a 7-inch Edgin at Michigan, so I started out with that. I knew I couldn't be too cautious with the way Klein and Corcorran were bending. Chad also had said that he was working his ass off on grippers for the last month, but I didn't know exactly what that meant. I got the Edgin in about 19 seconds. I have really found a good wrap thickness now. My next was a 6-inch Edgin, trying to match Aaron. I should have had it but it was far too off center for me to crush down. I'll post a picture - pretty severe. I was quite pissed when I didn't finish it, because I know I could have had it. For my last bend I cut down a 6.5-inch Edgin and got that puppy, so I tied for second with 3 others on that one.

7-inch Edgin

6-inch Edgin Attempt

Next was the medley. Lots of guys had trouble with the 45-pound York. It was very slick and dusty, but i got it on the first try. I also got the baby inch with no problem. I had a pace going where I was hitting one left and then one right, which worked out good until the 172 inch. I was synced in to lift it righty and it slipped out of my hand twice. I heard doc call 10 something seconds when I set down the baby inch. I missed the 172 righty twice and then got it on the box lefty on the first try. So in hindsight I should have hit the inch lefty off the bat. Not sure I could have taken the extra step to my right to get my left hand positioned on it, grip and lift the inch and place it in time to beat Chad though. His time of 12 seconds was sickening. Unbelievable athlete he is.


Next was the 2-inch Vertical Bar. In training, my best lift was in the 230-240 range. My bar just won't take any chalk. The one at the contest took it well, and I was successful on my first attempt. Then I think I missed my next two, if I remember correctly - everything gets a little fuzzy at that point. I think I got 235 and missed 255 twice. Took a chance and it didn't pay off, I know that for sure.

Next was the axle. In training, I thought I was lifting about 335 for my best. I did not think that the axle is actually heavier than the normal bar though, so I must have miss judged it. I will eventually weigh my axle, but right now I have no scale here at my house. I took lots of good warm ups to see what I could lift quick to my knee and figured I would start in with my first pull at 375. I got that no problem and then missed 395 twice. I skipped 285 because I knew it wasn't going to do any good to lift it and thought maybe if I got 395 I could slip in between Chad and Ryan if one of them made a mistake. The strategy did me no good though, as both of them out lifted me. Ryan nearly got 450 pounds on that sucker. That is just ridiculous.

Axle Event - Miscellaneous Athletes

Finally, we did the Hercules hold. At this point I was tied for 2nd with Aaron Corcorran. I may have been tied with others as well, as I heard that later on, but I knew I was definitely tied with Aaron. Aaron pulled number one in the blond drawing at the beginning of the show, so his mark of 1:02 or so was my goal. I am confident my right hand had it for sure, but my left choked on my and the handle ripped out of my hand at the 52 second mark. I really liked the Hercules hold. Smitty and I have talked about doing that in GGC for years but we don't have a good set up for it. Maybe next year.

Hercules Hold

As always the feats following the contest were amazing. We began with flips with the 50kg Kettlebell. I got some forward flips, some back flips and some side forward flips. I tried the patented double forward flip but it was a no go. I pulled my groin on the last one so I let it go after that.

John Eaton broke out his hard scale weights and I finally figured out what I have been doing wrong on that feat. I was placing my thumb on the thumb handle last all this time, trying to pinch the two together. Finally I dug my thumb in first, wrapped my fingers last and was able to better support it and cleaned it.

Feats of Strength


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One-arm Dumbbell Shrugs

Increase the range of motion through which you work your traps with one-arm dumbbell shrugs, just one of the dozens of exercise Smitty has posted on the website.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A note from Steve Slater - Slater Stone molds

I just got a note from Steve Slater about an exciting show that will soon be on tv:

    Hello everyone, our world record stones may be on this show. Either way it should be interesting.

    Thanks, Steve

    Monday Oct 22nd

    BASE Productions and National Geographic Channel are proud to announce the
    upcoming air date of its newest program, "Super Strength".

    National Geographic Presents: Super Strength
    Monday, October 22, 2007. 10:00 PM

    We call them Super Human. And they can do the impossible:

    Shatter stacks of concrete with the skull, fists, and forearms.
    Bend solid steel wrenches by hand.
    Roll a kitchen skillet up like a newspaper.
    Tear a 2000-page phonebooks in half.
    Hammer a nail by hand.
    Lift huge stone balls and pull massive trucks.
    Thrust a quarter-ton barbell into the air.
    And even hold screaming motorcycles in place with upper body strength alone.

    SUPER STRENGTH takes seemingly impossible feats of human strength and breaks
    them down into their vital components; revealing the extraordinary ability
    of some of the strongest men on the planet.

    Leading physiologists, bio-mechanists, and engineers join SUPER STRENGTH to
    determine the secrets of their ability and answer the most basic question
    about super strength:**How is it possible for a man to do this, and what
    does this mean for the rest of us?

    BASE Productions, and National Geographic Channel invite you on an action
    packed, adrenaline filled hour, into the secrets of SUPER STRENGTH.


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