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Sunday, April 08, 2007

08-Apr-07: Help Send Chad and Scott to Germany

This is a button to submit a donation for the first fundraiser we've had at the Diesel site! Chad Woodall and Scott George, two of the top US Grip athletes, are going over to Germany to compete in the Münsterland Grip Challenge in May.

This contest is put on by some extraordinary grip athletes, and they have the standardized equipment to establish world records in the grip circuit.

Chad Woodall currently holds the World Record in the Vertical Bar, and he has an excellent chance of breaking the World Record in the pinch, as he came within about an inch of doing so at the 2005 Global Grip Challenge, which we promoted at Diesel Crew. Chad is the reigning large hand champion in the United States.

Scott George is the reigning small hand champion in the US. He is tied for 4th with 3 other athletes at the #4 spot on the vertical bar ladder. This contest pulls high ranking contenders from many different countries each year, but it is the first year that American athletes will go to compete, especially considering they are US Champs for their hand size. All the best to them, and please help to support them if you can.

Thank you to EVERYONE!


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08-Apr-07: Straight to the Grip Contest Part II

Part II in my Grip Strength series, Straight to the Grip Contest, is up at Straight to the Bar. Check it out.
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