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Monday, October 12, 2009

How to Build Your Own Strength Training Equipment

home made strength equipment

For the last few weeks, I have been posting about a new project Joe Hashey and I have been working on called Home Made Strength.

If you've read Joe Hashey's site, you know that he has been building his own equipment for years and has been using it in his training and when working with his athletes in his garage gym.

how to make a loading pin
Above, Joe's home made loading pin he has used for years

If you've read my articles on training for lifting the Inch Dumbbell, you know that one of the most important training implements I used was a piece of home made strength equipment - a thick handled dumbbell made from a PVC pipe and Duct Tape.

Some of the most effective equipment can be made from very simple materials.

After more than 5 years, this thing is still holding up and even made an appearance in this year's Grip Strength National Championship.

Just because it's home made doesn't mean it's going to break or fall apart. This stuff is for real.

how to make an inch dumbbell trainer
Above, the home made Inch Trainer design I have used for years.

In fact, some of the grip equipment I have been using the most lately has been stuff I made on my own or someone else helped me with - rotating thick bar stuff, portable steel pinching devices, home made modified hand grippers, and MORE!

For years, Joe and I have been designing and making our own equipment so that we could save money.

Now, we want to pass the knowledge on to you with the Home Made Strength Online DVD.

Start Building Strength Without Breaking the Bank.
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All the best in your training,