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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Backyard Bastard Bash Results on FBBC Site

John Beatty, from FBBC has posted the full results for the 2007 Backyard Bastard Bash Grip Competition.

Click here to read John's Write-up


Grip Strength Videos for Coaches


Here is one way you can work Grip strength into the routine for your athletes.

Towel RDL's

This exercise is very simple to set up. Just take a towel and loop it or twist it over the bar. The towels will act as your handle. Now perform RDL's.

If you play a bat / stick/ or racket sport, this is a great exercise to train the grip in the position of your sport. Now throw in some wrist posturing and extension exercises and you are all set.


Building Your Grip for the Farmer's Walk

Here is one of the latest posts on the website from Smitty.

The topic is building Grip strength for the Farmer's Walk, a common event at Strongman competitions. Check it out - it's on point.

Building the Grip for the Farmer's Walk

Image source: HERE.


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gripboards Records List Additions

The following athletes have accomplished Record Lists. Congratulations!

IM 3.5

Aaron Corcorran
Teemu Ilvesniemi First to Credit Card Set & TNS Set

Double Blob Deadlift

Chad Woodall

Inch Replica Deadlift

Martin Ressel (Martinch)

IM #2

Kevin McFadden

50lb Blob

Bob Sundin (odin)

Double 45 Hub lift

Mitch Mobley
Charles Robbins


Matti Heiskanen
Bob Sundin (odin)
Ryan Klein - witnessed by Jedd at Michigan Grip 2007


Dave Juma
Ryan Klein - witnessed by Jedd at Michigan Grip 2007
Bob Sundin (Odin)
John Eaton
Sean Dockery

IM #3 with Both Hands

Teemu Ilvesniemi
Jedd Johnson

Two 45’s Pinch

Aaron Corcorran
Ryan Klein
Matti Heiskanen "kilkkinen"

Captains of Crush

Wes Peart
Teemu Ilvesniemi


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Why You Should Buy My Bending eBook

As many of you know, I sell an ebook on how to bend nails. If you'd like to check out the site it is

Some beginners have written and asked me why they should buy my bending ebook. They want to know what they can get out of it. I thought I would take a moment to mention why I think my bending ebook is a good purchase for you.

First off, in the Nail Bending eBook, I cover all of the major bending techniques: Double Overhand (DO), Double Underhand (DU), and Reverse (R) styles. I cover the step-by-step movements and pressures that must be formed and applied to the nails with these techniques in order to bend some of the biggest nails, bolts, and stock on the planet. DO, DU, and Reverse are the most common techniques used of unbraced style. But I don't stop there, I also cover lesser-known techniques, such as Slim Style, a technique done by Slim "The Hammerman" Farman, Vertical Style, and Heslep Style, a technique used by an up-and-coming strongman performer, Tommy Heslep. The techniques are explained in common language and are accompanied by still-frames, showing you how to do them yourself. I do not know of any bending reference material available that goes in this detail.

Second, the Bending eBook includes a 60-page exercise index that will help you build the strength necessary to start your bending career safely, and to continually build strength without having to bend all the stock you have in your house. Each exercise is accompanied by pictures, once again, so that you can more easily visualize how to do them. Whether you train alone, or in a group you will understand how to do these exercises safely in order to build your base strength and avoid injury.

Third, the Bending eBook includes a complete ramp-up schedule for beginner benders. As I detail in my book, I had a severe case of epicondylitis in both elbows when I first started bending because I did waaay too much for my conditioning level. Bending is addictive. I've heard of athletes running out of stock to bend and then running all over their house looking for other perfectly good items,like screwdrivers, to bend. I show you how to pace yourself and gradually increase workload to keep yourself healthy and not interfere in the rest of your workout routine. Most athletes who buy the eBook train in other aspects of strength and can not afford to miss their other workouts due to inflammation and pain. That's why I put this section in the book.

Guys, those are just three reasons why you should pick up my Bending eBook, and there are hundreds more within. Now you could be like me and take five years to really understand what you are doing, or you can check out my eBook. I know you will be satisfied with it.

Check it out Here.


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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PowerFest Entry Forms

The PowerFest 2008 entry forms for the Strongman contest and the Bench Press meet are now posted at

Dowload them and get yours sent in ASAP. Make a post on the blog confirming you are in!

New Certs added on FBBC

Check out the new 2" V-bar Certs at Fat Bastard Barbell Company!

Cert List Page

If you have a certification to report, email John Beatty.


Zach Ruffo - Sick Side Hitting Speed


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Mark Felix - 282.5 lbs on the Rolling Thunder

Yesterday I posted 260. That's nothing - check this out.


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Mark Felix - 260lb Rolling Thunder Lift

This is Mark Felix, of Grenada, lifting 260 pounds on the IronMind Rolling Thunder Deadlift Handle.


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Sunday, October 28, 2007

2008 Williamsport PowerFest

Who is the most powerful S.O.B.? Let's find out!

Dave Bellomo, from and Jedd Johnson and Jim Smith of the Diesel Crew will work together to promote the first annual Williamsport Powerfest on January 27,2008 in Williamsport PA.

This spectacular event will hold a strongman contest, a bench press contest, among other countless booths and side performers.

The Diesel Crew will be promoting the strongman contest. There will be 5 events:
    Log Press for Reps
    Farmer's Hold for time
    Axle Deadlift for Reps
    Sandbag Carry for Distance
    Truck Pull
Who will be the PowerFest champion?

Check out The PowerFest Blog!

For more information, email Jedd, or visit or for more info.

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