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Friday, October 26, 2012

Kettebell Swing + Grip Training Benefits


You want information on
improving your Grip Strength, and I am bringing
it to you!
Here is an article on a device called
(Just in case you didn't know, when I was 
training to be a pro-wrestler, my name was 
going to be Napalm Jedd.)

Kettebell Swing + Grip Training Benefits
Kettlebell Training is a very beneficial form of
training that is naturally good for improving
your grip strength.
Kettlebell work helps improve hand strength 
so well, because of two natural properties of

(1) The increased size of the handle,


(2) The dynamic nature of the training.

1. The Increased Size of the Handle
One of the easiest ways to INSTANTLY
hit the hands harder in order to bring up your
grip strength is to increase the size of the
handle of whatever it is you are training.

The "handles" we often train on are barbells
and dumbbells, which are often only about
1-inch to 1.25-inches.  For most people this
is not going to do much to stimulate grip
strength improvement unless you load up
extremely heavy and hold for long periods
of time.

Plus, dumbbells and barbells are almost 
always knurled, in order to assist with the grip
you can get on them.

With Kettlebells, however, the handles are
generally slightly bigger, often in the 1.5-inch
range, which still isn't huge, but throw in the
fact that their handles are NOT KNURLED
and you have a tool that will test your grip
strength more than standard equipment.

Now, let's look at the other side of the equation...

2.  Dynamic Nature of the Training

Kettlebell Exercises, especially Cleans, Snatches
and even the basic Swing all require a pendulum
motion where the Kettlebell swings downward
and then you pull it back up.

Add in the fact that sets generally include between 
20 and 100 repetitions and you have a great deal
of  dynamic loading to the hands, which can be
great for increasing your grip strength.

So, the handles are larger and slicker, which will 
make your grip work harder.  PLUS, the movements
are often more dynamic, bringing in another element 
of difficulty...

So everybody should go get a set of Kettlebells, right?

Well, while I do think Kettlebells are awesome pieces
of equipment, there is one main drawback...

They can get quite expensive.

Kettlebells can be picked up ranging from 12 pounds
all the way up to over 100-lbs, and all that iron brings
a price with it.

Well, I want to tell you about an innovation 
I came up with a few years back called the 
Napalm's Nightmare.
(If image does not appear, click this link)
This is a Home Made that is connected to a
loading pin with weight added and then swung
just like a Kettlebell Swing is performed.

The Napalm's Nightmare device combines 
the thick, slick handle of the Kettlebell with
the dynamic nature of the Swing, but takes it
two steps further, because not only are the
handles even larger than regular kettlebell
handles, but they also rotate as well. 

These two traits of the Napalm's Nightmare
make your hands scream for mercy, in a good way.

Here is the best picture I could find, which I 
pulled from a video on-line, where I am 
performing Swings with Napalm's Nightmare:

At this point I have propelled the implement
forward with my hip strength, but due to both
the size and the rotating action of the NN handle,
your hands must work 2 to 3 times harder to
keep your grip on the handle.

Plus, at the bottom of the swing, when it passes
down and beyond your hips, you have to 
overcome the momentum of the implement,
again requiring a greater grip engagement than
regular kettlebell swings.

So, obviously, I am either a genius for innovating
such an awesome device, or I am downright evil for
thinking some up so intense.

Either way, if you use one of these, your hands, 
wrists, and forearms are going to get Scary Strong,
and that is what training is all about.

Unfortunately, I don't sell these implements.

BUT, I do show you exactly how you can make

In fact, not only do I show you how the 
Napalm's Nightmare is made, but I also show you
how to make 10 other Grip Training Tools.

If Grip Strength is something you need to
work on, you are going to need some good 
quality equipment to train with.

Home Made Strength II will help you expand
your Grip Equipment Arsenal and you'll be 
able to save a whole bunch of cash as well.

For more information and to find out exactly
what you can learn to build check out 

All the best in your training,


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